you can’t simply sit comfortably and expect life to play out like a good dream. go after it like your running from a forest fire, and into the most welcoming warm rain. kiss the person you love, drive to the coast and make peace with the water without a second glance back to your doorstep, don’t…

Sep 26 8:51 with 128 notes

Now everybody’s like he’s no item, please don’t like him, he don’t wife em, he one nights em… I never listen though, I shoulda figured though… All that shit you was spittin so unoriginal. But it was you so I was with it, and to tell you the truth, wish that I never did it…… 

Im confident, I do what I want when I want. Society judges. Fuck em.

Sep 21 22:28

i’ve never felt so in my skin as I do now. Growing pains are real. 

Sep 21 21:54
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